BILLING MANAGER - Debbie Phillips
All billing correspondence can be mailed or faxed to:
Pediatric Partners, LLC
Po Box 812
Westminster, Maryland  21158
Fax:  410-751-7113
For billing questions, please call 410-876-5660 Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm.
All patients will be responsible for presenting their Primary & Secondary insurance card (if applicable) at every visit, and for completing a patient registration yearly or when information is updated.  We ask that you bring your current insurance card with you to each visit.  If you do not have insurance or an insurance card is not presented, all services performed will become the responsibility of the patient.  Payment for services rendered in the office is due at the time of the service.
Please remember that your insurance policy is a contract between YOU and your insurance company.  In the event that there are charges that are denied/dropped to your responsibility that you feel is in error you should first contact your insurance company.  As all insurance policies are different and we cannot know what is covered by your particular insurance plan,  we encourage all of our patients to read their insurance policy or check with their HR department at their place of employment to be familiar with what a covered service is and what a non-covered service is.  Please read our updated financial policy by clicking on the link below:

                                 PEDIATRIC PARTNERS, LLC - FINANCIAL POLICY                                     

Patient Balances
Patient statements are sent monthly.  Payment in full is expected upon receipt of the statement unless a payment plan has been setup through the billing office.
At this time we do not accept payments online however we currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash and money orders.  If you would prefer, patient balances may be paid by fax.  Please fax the statement with the bottom credit card portion fully completed to 410-751-7113.  All payments will be posted within 24 hours.
We also offer the ability to make payment arrangements. Please select AUTOMATIC PAYMENT PLAN to view and print the payment form. Select a weekly, monthly, or one time payment schedule. Once completed fax or mail the form to the Billing Office. Fax and mailing information is located on the bottom of the printed form.
We participate with several insurance carriers.  The following list is provided as a general guideline only.  We encourage everyone to call your insurance carrier to confirm participation prior to scheduling an appointment.
  • Blue Shield of Maryland
  • Blue Shield National Accounts
  • Blue Shield Federal
  • Blue Choice
  • EHP
  • United Healthcare PPO
  • MDIPA / Optimum Choice
  • Mamsi
  • Coventry of Delaware
  • Coventry National Network
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Tricare
  • Tricare HMO (US Family Plan)
  • Informed
  • PHCS / Multiplan
  • Medicaid, Priority Partners United Healthcare of the Mid-Atlantic (established patients only)
We do not currently participate with workers compensation and personal injury protection plans.  We will however, provide you with a copy of the daily encounter form that can be submitted to workers compensation and PIP plans.
Billing Policies
It is Pediatric Partners, LLC, policy to charge for the following service:
Medical records   - $20.00 per patient
Forms completion - $15.00 per form
After hours calls - $15.00 per call
Interest charges - 18% APR on all outstanding patient
balances greater than 60 days
Missed appointments    - $25.00 per missed appointment
Bounced checks - $36.00 per check
Copay’s not paid at time of service - $10.00 per copay
Consumer-Directed Healthcare

Due to the rising costs of healthcare, consumer-directed healthcare plans (CDHC) have begun to take the place of managed care plans.  Healthcare costs have risen exponentially over the past year.  Employer costs and individuals purchasing their own health insurance are turning to CDHC in the hope it will control their healthcare benefit costs.  A consumer-directed healthcare plan’s monthly premium is lower than other health insurance plans but it shifts more costs to the patient.  The patient becomes responsible for higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.

Most patients on CDHC plans will have a greater financial responsibility than they did previously.  After years of making small co-payments, patients will be asked to pay substantially higher amounts until their deductible has been met.  Customarily deductibles are $1200 for individuals and $2400 for a family.

Patients will see this out-of-pocket increase on their statements that are sent monthly from our office.  Payment is expected upon receipt.  Pediatric Partners, LLC offers payment options to make the burden of these higher costs easier to bare.  By selecting, printing, and completing our Automatic Payment Plan you will have the flexibility of how much and when to make your payment.

It is inappropriate to request Pediatric Partners, LLC to reduce your bill for your deductible, copay, and/or co-insurance.  The waiver of deductibles, copays, and/or co-insurances can constitute insurance fraud.


In an effort to follow all HIPAA laws, Pediatric Partners, LLC has adopted the following documents.  We are requesting that all patients ages 18 years and older who wish to allow their parents/guardians to discuss their medical bills with our billing personnel, read and sign the following documents.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Billing Office of Pediatric Partners with any questions.



Parents who are divorced, please read the following regarding the Pediatric Partners policy: